Here's What Makes Our Artwork Unique...

Rustic Log, Barnboard & Distressed Pine Picture Frames
We offer all our artwork with a choice of Rustic Log picture frames, Weathered-Barn Board Style Picture Frames or Distressed Pine picture frames. These unique frames are handmade in our own facilities. Our log frames are handcrafted and formed with an old fashioned draw knife. Our simulated barn board frames look like old, weathered boards and enhance the overall look of the artwork.

Art Prints That Look And Feel Like Canvas Artwork
We start with the highest quality art prints and using our unique process, we apply an acrylic coating which looks and feels like the texture of a canvas painting. This coating also protects the art print and contains a UV inhibiter to prevent fading. By eliminating the un-needed glass front, we've also eliminated any glare. The result is a protected, finished artwork that simply looks better!

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Weathered Barn-Board Picture Frame
Log Picture Frame
Distressed Pine Picture Frame
Rustic Log & Barn Board Framed
Wildlife Art & Wilderness Art
Rustic, Handbuilt Frames
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Weathered-wood or
Distressed Pine
Simulated Canvas Texture
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